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Some of the popular customization recently include:
1. 58.55mm x 8mm thickness for use with the Unifilter
2. Curved or chamfered tamper base profile
3. Various sizes for fancy machines

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HAPPY TAMPER is a patented self-aligning, dual spring-calibrated and directly adjustable tamper.

Are you a barista? 
HAPPY TAMPER can consistently reproduce the tamping pressure you've perfected throughout the years and lets you tamp in your most comfortable gestures to avoid injuries.

Are you looking to open a branch coffee shop? 
HAPPY TAMPER can simplify puck prep and ensure consistent cup quality.

Are you exploring espresso brewing? 
HAPPY TAMPER allows you to utilize tamping force and repetition as a controlled variable to fine tune your extraction.

Are you enjoying a good cup of coffee? 
Express your gratitude to your barista. Let them know of this reliable tamper.

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 It's Easy Button of precision tamping 

Andrew Pernicano<Flair Espresso>Head of Community & Education

 Tamping is super easy and actually quite satisfying due to the damping. You don't have to lean into it like a normal tamper. I can tamp with my fingers.”​ “Definitely top-notch ergonomics. 

Brian QuanBrian Quan - YouTube

 I made two back-to-back shots on ​HAPPY TAMPER. ​ First shot, 25g in 25 seconds. ​ Second shot, 25.3g in 25 seconds. ​ That is INCREDIBLE repeatability. ​ I have never had anything like that with other tampers." "I recommend the HAPPY TAMPER to everyone who comes by for a shot. 

Ray Daniel Brown III

 All our baristas mentioned consistent pressure and assistance in their workflow.”​ “Our customers are curious about this tamper we use.”​ “We will definitely order for our other stores. 

Barry ArmstrongOwner of 16 coffee shops in Australia



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"This high quality piece of gear was designed to simplify your workflow by providing an ergonomic, consistent and repeatable tamp to your espresso portafilter basket. Remove the variables or tamping force, levelness and bed depth with this simple, user friendly tool. Tamp like a, no, better than a professional."

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The Happy Tamper | Best Tamper of 2021? [Dylan’s Home Espresso Bar]


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